Discover the keywords driving the most leads for your competitors!

Price Plan: Custom

Your 3-Step Process To Rank Higher On Google

1. Request a Custom Proposal

We’ll schedule call where we will try to understand your business, what you want to obtain and who you compete with.

Based on what we learn about your business and the market you operate in, we will create a custom proposal for you.

2. Process

If you acccept our proposal then the processs will start.

We will work systemically in collaboration with you to give you the competitive edge in the search results on Google.

3. Higher Rankings!

As your website will climb the search results, you will experience higher traffic and more interest in your business.

How long it takes before you will see the results will depend on the keyword difficulty and competitive landscape.

How we do it

1. Research

Many new clients start out with the expectation that our consultants will arrive at the first meeting with a list of things to change. We intentionally don’t look for improvements on your site at this stage of the process. Instead, we want to understand your vision for success and determine how best you can achieve it! Then we zoom out to get a complete overview of your business, pinpointing the areas that appear to hold the greatest opportunity.

Clients often enter the process with preconceived notions about what needs attention — however, we often find that their greatest opportunities lie beyond those areas they initially overlooked.

2. Audit

After collecting information related to your business, we will do an advanced SEO audit of your business.

We will crawl your entire website and analyze the results.

We will present you with a document that gives you deep insight about what your competition does, keyword opportunities,  if your website has technical issues that prevent it from being able to rank high and many other factors.

This report gives the initial map to follow in the next two phases.

3. Adressing On-Site Techniqual Issues

This stage is based on adressing and fixing techniqual issues on your website: sitemap issues, loading speed improvements, title and meta tags, architecture++.

This is the foundation for creating high rankings later on.

4. Content improvement and creation

With keyword research,  competitor analysis and artificial intelligence, we will develop a custom content strategy.

You choose whether you only want to be guided to create the right content yourself, or whether you want us to do everything for you.