We understand that every business is unique, and so are its hosting needs. That’s why we offer custom pricing tailored to your specific requirements. However, when it comes to security and performance, we offer nothing but the best. We live and breathe for fast and secure websites, and making Enterprise Performance and Security features accessible to businesses of all sizes. 

Request a price quote, and you’ll receive a custom price for your website’s specific needs. We also check the exact performance improvements your website will receive by switching to OptiCred.


Common questions


How can I get access to Cloudflare Enterprise features to a lower cost?

Through our strategic alliances, you’ll get access to unique Cloudflare’s Enterprise-level features. Enjoy key features that are also trusted by major corporations, usually priced from $5,000 per month, included in all our hosting plans for no extra charge.

What sets this hosting service apart from others?

We offer more than just hosting; we provide you with enterprise-level security features typically reserved for large corporations, for a fraction of the cost, thanks to our partnerships.

Why speed matters?

Slow websites not only turn off visitors but also negatively impact your Google rankings.

Have you ever visited a website that was painfully slow to load or completely down? In traditional hosting environments, websites can crash when they experience spikes in traffic—often during marketing campaigns, media coverage, or special events. Our optimized server architecture solves this problem. With no limit to PHP workers, RAM and CPU and leveraging prioritize routing in Cloudflare’s Enterprise network, your website will be able to handle sudden traffic spikes, ensuring your site stays fast and accessible no matter the demand. 

In addition, the Cloudflare Enterprise network enhances this robust setup with optimized routing, DDoS protection, and additional layers of security. Their Content Delivery Network (CDN) is among the best in the industry, spreading your website’s data across multiple global locations for faster local access. This translates to quicker load times, lower latency, and a more responsive user experience—solidifying its position as an industry leader in CDN services.

Additional premium features like Brotli data compression, Polish image optimization, and Mirage for mobile enhancements can shrink image sizes by up to 35%. These work synergistically to deliver an unparalleled user experience and speed on any screen size.

Why website security matters?

Unsecure websites are a red flag for both users and Google. Google blacklists 10K pages daily due to malware. An unsecured site is far more likely to suffer penalties from Google, resulting in dropped rankings and lost revenue.

You don´t think you´re a target? Attacks are mostly performed by bots, and they are deadly effective in reaching out to every corner of the world. An analyse found that it takes about only 30 – 45 days for a new website, with no content or audience, to be identified and added to a bot crawler. It’s not a question of if, but when an unprotected website will be compromised. Don´t be a sitting target, be proactive.

Why Google optimization is so important for Financial Services?

Google’s search algorithms hold websites of buniseses in the Financial Service industry to higher standards due to their significant impact on consumers’ financial well-being. A top ranking not only establishes your credibility but also ensures better visibility, attracting targeted, organic traffic that’s critical for client acquisition and revenue growth.

Do you offer 24/7 support?
Yes, we provide 24/7 customer support to ensure you´re never alone when something occurs.
Is this service suitable for high-traffic websites?

Absolutely. Our custom pricing plan is designed specifically for businesses experiencing high levels of web traffic.

How does this service improve Google rankings?

We ensure your website is optimized for speed and meets the technical criteria essential for high Google rankings. We can also provide insights into Google search queries so you can make data-driven decisions about on-page optimization.

Do I get backup and recovery options?

Yes, we offer automatic backups and easy recovery options to protect against data loss.

How quickly can my website be migrated to your servers?

The migration process is typically completed within 48 hours, depending on the complexity of your website.

Is there a contract or long-term commitment?

No, we offer flexible month-to-month plans, but we do have discounted rates for annual commitments.

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