Security Benefits with AI Edge

Protect your website with 24/7 AI monitoring to catch issues about SEO, Availability, Speed and Security, before they affect your customers and Google rankings.

Cloud based – No installation – No code changing

Why Do I Need AI Monitoring?

Did you know that over thirty thousand websites are infected by some type of malware daily?

Security issues can cause downtime, loss of customers, removal of your website from Google’s search results, as well as a steep cost to fix and restore your website.

Your website is every day in danger of changing SEO rules, security issues, server problems, slow loading pages and email deliverability issues that put your business at risk.

Without a system to monitor and detect issues, these issues can linger unnoticed, hurting your Google rankings, wasting your ad-budget and costing your business lost sales.

OptiCred is like having your very own respons team, continuously monitoring your website for issues about SEO, availability, performance, and security. You get immediate notifications when issues are detected via email. You will also receive weekly reports about how your website is performing and how you can optimize your website to improve traffic, conversions and Google search rankings.

That’s why we provide 24/7 domain monitoring, to catch problems before they affect your business.

OptiCred AI Monitoring

With OptiCred 24/7 you will be able to

1. Detect if your domain is infected by malicious URLs or problematic scripts that can sabotage your business.

2. Detect  if your website is down.

3. Detect slow loading pages.

4. Detect server side issues.

5. Detect tech stack changes that could affect SEO & paid ad campaigns.

6. Monitor landing pages to avoid ad waste. 

Key Points:

  • The importance of YMYL for websites of Financial Services
  • How to increase your site’s credibility
  • Why long-tail keywords matter


When it comes to search engine optimization, finance companies should approach it with a heavy emphasis on credibility.

If you run a finance company then you are probably aware of the importance of building trust to get new clients. But Google also holds pages of finance services to higher standards.

Google uses advanced algorithms to decide the ranking of websites in their search results. Websites of financial services falls into the “YMYL” category. YMYL stand for “Your Money or Your Life”, and is defined as content that can dramatically influence and impact the reader’s life.

When deciding how to rank a YMYL page, Google will hold your page to higher standards and the alghoritms will put extra emphasis on E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness).

What does this mean in real words?

If you operate in the financial services and want to climb the search rankings of Google, then you can’t use the same search engine optimization strategy like a ecommerce or carshop website. The standard is much higher, so you will need to work harder to achieve results. But the good news is, it’s the same for your competitors.

Compared with Google ads and social media ads, that you can pause and start as you like, then search engine optimization is a long-term investment. But when you have achieved organic rankings, then you will be rewarded with much higher return on investment.


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