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Firms choose us when they want the Performance, Security, and Google Rankings, that other hosting and marketing agencies can’t deliver.

✅  Advanced SEO Expertise

✅  Enterprise-Grade Hosting

✅  Multi-layer Malware Protection

The New Playing Field

The Game has Changed

Rapid AI advancements, escalating cyber threats, and Google’s  rules make it business-critical to adapt.

THE Challenge

  • Neglecting Google Optimization:
    A holistic approach, crucial for top Google rankings, is often overlooked. Advanced aspects, which go beyond basic SEO and are routinely neglected by marketing agencies, are essential.

  • Using Outdated Technologies:
    Slow sites harm customer experience and face Google penalties. Most hosting providers use outdated server technology to cut costs, resulting in poor website performance.
  • Compromising on Website Security:
    Google disfavors insecure sites. Many hosting companies offer basic security that fails to protect against modern cyber threats, compromising both your data and search rankings.

Even Industry Giants Miss the Mark

It is interesting to see how even JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are struggling to keep up.

Test Results: JP Morgan –
Test Results: Goldman Sachs –

Neither JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs managed to score top A grade in our objective performance testing with the recognized testing tool GTmetrix.

In today’s competitive digital landscape, aiming for an ‘A’ grade isn’t just about achieving excellence – it’s crucial for visibility and to avoid potential penalties from search giants like Google.

Google’s algorithms continuously set higher standards for websites. Google sets the bar extra high for websites in industries like Finance, Legal and Health, due to their critical nature and vast influence on consumers.

The Scores Explained

Using GTmetrix, a recognized performance analysis tool, we evaluated the websites of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. The grades range from ‘A’ – top tier, to ‘F’ – failing.

3 Reasons To Use Us


1. Advanced Google Optimization

Stay ahead in Google’s search rankings with our holistic approach that goes beyond basic SEO, incorporating advanced aspects routinely neglected by hosting and marketing agencies


2. Unmatched Performance and Security

Experience the benefits of high-end hosting and security features without the exorbitant costs associated with enterprise plans.


3. True Set and Forget Access to High-End Solutions

Get access to Enterprise-grade performance and security features, normally reserved for the big players, minus the complexity and high costs.

Or request a FREE health report to check if hidden issues related to speed, security, or Google exist on your website. The report is 100% free. Click to get a free report.

OptiCred is leveling the playing field

Enterprise-Grade Hosting for All Plans

Every plan we offer includes these premium features without extra charges:

Supreme Features

  • ▶︎ Enterprise-level servers 32+ CPU Cores
  • ▶︎ Cloudflare Enterprise CDN / WAF
  • ▶︎ Prioritized traffic
  • ▶︎ Multi-layered website security
  • ▶︎ Proactive SEO support

Results in

  • ▶︎ Outstanding Website Metrics
  • ▶︎ Rock-Solid Security
  • ▶︎ Lightning-Fast Loading
  • ▶︎ Higher Search Rankings
  • ▶︎ Increased Sales and Profit

With OptiCred you get a 100% hands-off managed solution, with true set-and-forget. We handle all the setup and ongoing care. Check out the details below, and you’ll understand that we’re serious to redefine WordPress hosting. 

Enterprise Server Configuration

Experience a significant boost in WordPress performance with our unique optimized edge servers, with Enterprise-level configuration, featuring 32+ CPU Cores, 128 GB RAM, NVMe Storage, unlimited PHP workers, unlimited RAM, and unlimited CPU to ensure fast and reliable website access.

    • ▶︎ 32+ CPU Cores
    • ▶︎ Pre-Configured for Maximum Speed
    • ▶︎ No Configuration

Cloudflare Enterprise Features

Access unique Cloudflare’s top-tier Enterprise security features  that block security threats before they even reach your website, with a global network that uses AI and machine learning to neutralize 140 billion threats daily. Normally priced from $5,000/month – included in our hosting plans at no extra charge.

    • ▶︎ Your traffic is prioritized above other Cloudflare traffic.
    • ▶︎ Enterprise DDoS Mitigation
    • ▶︎ Maximizing Your Website’s Speed and Performance.

Multi-Layered Website Security

In addition to Cloudflare’s robust perimeter security, we use advanced technology to monitor and protect your website from within, offering virtual patching of vulnerabilities 48 hours before they go public,  comprehensive website hardening techniques and continuous malware scanning.

    • ▶︎ Virtual Patching 48 hours Before Vulnerabilities 48 hours Become Public
    • ▶︎ Advanced WordPress Hardening
    • ▶︎ Continuous Malware Scanning

Proactive SEO Support

Our support extends beyond typical hosting services. With OptiCred, you’re not just getting a hosting solution; you’re acquiring a dedicated team of Google Optimization experts committed to ensuring your website can climb the Google search rankings.

    • ▶︎ Expert Google Optimization Team
    • ▶︎ Tailored SEO Strategies
    • ▶︎ Advanced aspects beyond basic SEO

Blazing Speed

 High-caliber performance and security infrastructures, previously accessible only to the largest enterprises, give your website up to 70% faster loading times. Just see how OptiCred’s own website achieves top performance scores from the recognized testing tool GTmetrix:

Cloudflare Enterprise Access Simplified

You benefit from our strategic alliances that gives your website access to some of Cloudflare’s best performance and security features, which is reserved behind complex and high-cost Enterprise plans. Integrated in our servers, the Cloudflare Enterprise features are a true set and forget solution for you.

Why you can rely on Cloudflare’s Enterprise-level Web Application Firewall to protect your website?


30% of Fortune 1000 companies rely on Cloudflare

blocks 140 billion threats daily on average

300 cities in 100+ countries


Makes your website up to 70% faster

See How It Works

Cloudflare Protects Your Website Against:

OWASP 10 Threats

Bad Bots

DDoS Attacks

Web Scrapers

Zero Day Attacks

Brute Force Attacks

Resource misuse

And much more 

Industry-leading DDoS defense


Cloudflare was named a Leader in the 2021 GigaOm Radar for DDoS Protection


Cloudflare named a 2022 Gartner® Peer Insights™ Customers’ Choice for WAF


Cloudflare recognized a “Leader” in the Forrester Wave: Web Application Firewalls, Q3 2022 report

As we want only the best protection for our clients, establishing strategic alliances that give access to unique Cloudflare Enterprise WAF Features was a clear choice, giving unmatched Enterprise attack protection against DDoS attacks and other malicious traffic.

Request a Custom Quote

We understand that every business is unique, and so are its hosting needs. That’s why we offer custom pricing tailored to your specific requirements. However, when it comes to security and performance, we offer nothing but the best. It’s time to invest in hosting that pays dividends, contact us today.

Or request a FREE health report to check if hidden issues related to speed, security, or Google exist on your website. The report is 100% free. Click to get a free report.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

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Features OptiCred Managed Hosts (Flywheel, WPengine, Kinsta) Shared Hosts (GoDaddy,, SiteGround, Bluehost) Cloud Hosts (Google Cloud Computing, AWS, Azure)
Enterprise-Level Performance for All Plans
Optimized for Financial Services ✅ This is what we do.
Hands-Off Management ✅ We handle everything for you. ❌ You're required to login to server backend. ❌ You're required to login to cpanel. ❌ You're required to login to server backend.
Latest Performace Server Tech Yes, for all plans. ✅ But requires high techniqual skill to implement.
Security ✅ Enterprise level Cloudflare Plan and Patchstack included in all plans. ❌ Only basic security included, requires add-ons for premium security. ❌ Only Basic security. ❌ Integrations requires high level techinal skills.
Advanced Google Optimization ✅ Yes, for all plans.
Premium Support ❌ Requires add-ons.

Our Showcase:

Background:, managed by OptiCred, serves as a testament to our hosting capabilities. It is a website dedicated to give insight about top investors.


As with many websites, need to handle scalability issues when sudden traffic spikes occur, vulnerability to threats, and fierce competition on Google. These challenges, if not addressed, could result in lost opportunities and revenue.

Another challenge was the current bad performance score in the recognized testing tool GTmetrix, see attached screenshot below:

    Solution with OptiCred:

    Acting as the gateway to this solution, OptiCred facilitated the move of’s website on 26 October 2023 to a next-gen hosting architecture powered by Google Kubernetes Engine, with the utilization of the Enterprise Features of Cloudflare CDN.


    • The Performance Boost was Significant: The site immediately loaded  more than 2 seconds faster, cutting the load time from 3.0 seconds to 713 milliseconds. The GTmetrix score skyrocketed from grade D to A. See attached screenshot from GTmetrix below: 
      • Google Ranking: This improved the user experience and optimized technical performance, potentially boosting the site’s Google rankings.
      • Enhanced Security: Protected behind unique Cloudflare Enterprise security features, is much better shielded against modern cyber threats, blocking cyber threats even before they reach the website. 
      • Scalability: The site can now handle sudden traffic spikes without downtime or lagging user experience, thanks to the autoscaling functionality powered by Google Kubernetes Engine, that scales the website resources in seconds when sudden traffic spikes occur.

      The Details

      Why Use Us


      True Hands-Off Experience - We Go Beyond Hosting

      With OptiCred, you’re not just getting a hosting solution; you’re acquiring a dedicated team of Google Optimization experts committed to ensuring your website can climb the Google search rankings. And we don’t just offer chat or ticket support, all our clients can receive phone support when necessary.


      Unbeatable Price

      Benefit from our strategic alliances that give access to unique features from industry leader Cloudflare. Cloudflare Enterprise CDN is normally priced from $5,000 per month. Due to our strategic alliances you get access to unique Cloudflare Enterprise features, at a much lower cost.


      Enterprise Server Resources, Without the Complexity

      Say goodbye to slow and unsecure shared hosting environments that stall your business. With us, you get the benefits of a advanced performance hosting infrastructure, historically available only to large corporations. We handle all the technical complexities, leaving you with an enterprise-level, blazing-fast website.

      Why: Because we believe that every website, from startups to giants, deserves top-tier hosting, no matter their in-house techniqual skills.


      No More Server Worries when Traffic Spikes Occur

      Websites can crash when they experience spikes in traffic—often during marketing campaigns, media coverage, or special events. Leave those worries behind. Equip your website with no limit to RAM and CPU and Cloudflare’s Enterprise network, that automatically give your website superpowers to handle high-traffic volumes, ensuring your site stays fast and accessible no matter the demand.

      Don´t Let Website Hold Your Business Back?

      Struggling with slow load times, security issues, and poor Google rankings? Request a FREE health report to check if hidden issues exists.

      24/7 Free Techniqual Support

      Through OptiCred you get access to 24/7 free techniqual support for all server related issues, leaving you stress-free.

      Common Questions

      Why should I care about SEO (search engine optimization)

      A top ranking on Google not only establishes your credibility but also ensures better visibility, attracting targeted, organic traffic that’s critical for client acquisition and revenue growth.


      How can I get access to Cloudflare Enterprise features to a lower cost?

      Through our strategic alliances, you’ll get access to unique Cloudflare’s Enterprise-level features. Enjoy key features that are also trusted by major corporations, usually priced from $5,000 per month, included in all our hosting plans for no extra charge.


      Is this service only for big companies?

      Absolutely not. We believe that companies of all sizes should have the opportunity to benefit from enterprise-level security features. In today’s competitive landscape, secure websites are no longer a luxury but a necessity. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to democratize security, making it accessible and affordable for companies of all sizes.

      What sets this hosting service apart from others?

      We take security and performance to another level, giving you access to advanced features that is normally locked down behind expensive and complex Enterprise-level plans. We provide true hands-off management, making sure that you have the proper setup to give your website optimal performance and security without in-house skills. We also offer more than just hosting; We provide a holistic approach to help you to outrank your competitors in Google’s search results.

      Why should I care about website security?

      Website security is essential not just for protecting your business and customer data but also for your search rankings. Google prioritizes secure websites, and security incidents like hacks can seriously damage your reputation and search visibility.

      Insecure websites are a red flag for both users and Google. Google blacklists 10K pages daily due to malware. An unsecured site is far more likely to suffer penalties from Google, resulting in dropped rankings and lost revenue.

      You don´t think you´re a target? Attacks are mostly performed by bots, and they are deadly effective in reaching out to every corner of the world. An analyse found that it takes about only 30 – 45 days for a new website, with no content or audience, to be identified and added to a bot crawler. It’s not a question of if, but when an unprotected website will be compromised. Don´t be a sitting target, be proactive.

      Why does Google care?
      • Google, the most visited spot on earth, now demands not only top-notch speed and performance, but also security from the websites they choose to rank for their top spots. 
      • Why does Google care? Because Google prioritize user satisfaction and protection by only spotlighting trustworthy and reliable websites. Fall short, and Google will consider you less reliable, causing your rankings to tumble down.
      Looking for the cheapest hosting solution?

      Are you looking for a hosting service that costs only 50 dollars a month? Then let us give you a reality check. The days of sufficient protection against cyber attacks and supreme website performance with a $50 hosting plan are over. Don’t handicap your business with sluggish, insecure websites. It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

      Google doesn’t show websites built on yesterday’s tech. So ask yourself: What’s the point of having a website if it’s practically invisible to Google where you’re potential customers are?

      What do we mean with No-Single-Point of Failure
      Stay ahead of vulnerabilities with our industry-leading partner, Patchstack. Known for detecting new vulnerabilities swiftly, Patchstack provides automatic virtual patches and firewall rules 48 hours before these vulnerabilities become public knowledge. This way, you’re protected even before a security update is available. In 2022, 26% of plugins with critical security bugs didn’t receive a fix; with us, you won’t be left vulnerable.

      Cloudflare’s Enterprise WAF offers robust perimeter security, Patchstack specializes in internal WordPress vulnerabilities—covering you from all angles.


      Why Google holds specific industries to higher standard?

      Google’s search algorithms hold websites of businesses in the Financial, Legal, and Health sectors t0 higher standards due to their significant impact on consumers’ financial well-being. 

      Does the service offer 24/7 support?
      Yes, we provide 24/7 customer support to ensure you´re never alone when something occurs.

      We fill the gap that most web agencies and hosting solutions miss. Think of us as your dedicated WordPress technicians, always ready to solve problems. We offer a highly efficient, problem-solving service, powered by secure and user-friendly systems. Unlike traditional hosting or developer vendors who often leave you struggling with obscure, frustrating issues, our dynamic team of experts is committed to resolving all your website’s speed, security, and Google optimization challenges. We go beyond traditional hosting to deliver the personalized support you need.

      Is the service suitable for high-traffic websites?

      Absolutely. All our plans are built to  accommodate high traffic. Our custom pricing plan is designed specifically for businesses experiencing extraordinary high levels of web traffic.

      Does this service offer backup and recovery options?

      Yes, we offer automatic backups and easy recovery options to protect against data loss.

      How quickly can my website be migrated to your servers?

      The migration process is typically completed within 48 hours, depending on the complexity of your website.

      Is there a contract or long-term commitment?
      No, we offer flexible month-to-month plans, but we do have discounted rates for annual commitments.

      Request a Free Audit

      Request a FREE health report to check if hidden issues related to speed, security, or Google exist on your website. The report is 100% free.

      “It ain´t what you don´t know that gets you into trouble.

      It´s what you know for sure that just ain´t so.”

      – Mark Twain