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Outrank Your Rivals on Google, with AI and Human Insight

Look no further if YOU want:

1. Invest to dominate and beat your competitors in the organic (free) search in Google, for the most profitable keywords in your market.

2. Optimize your Google ads to stop wasting money and increase the profit.

Why Use Us

3 Reasons To Use Us


1. Attract new customers.

The higher the ranking your website achieve on Google for important keywords, more and more prospects will find your website. Google Optimization involves optimizing your website so the algorithms of Google recognize it as credible and trustworthy, and rank your website higher in the search results.


2. Our team members aren’t your usual Google/SEO consultants.

We are experts in using AI and Big Data analytics to get insight into Google search queries, which are key factors to be able to give you the edge over your competitors in the Google search results.


3. Tailored specifically for businesses in the financial industry.

When it comes to decisions that involve their wealth, customers tend to be more cautious when performing research. Therefore Google algorithms hold pages of financial services to higher standards. This industry is our niche. Why start from square one with someone else?


And one more thing!

 Request a free audit, and we’ll give you a free report powered by industry-leading AI tools. Discover the keywords driving the most leads for your competitors and find potential opportunities!

Andreas Torgersen, CEO of OptiCred.com

The analysis tools we use collect and process large amounts of data continuously, with innovative machine learning algorithms.

geo databases

million keywords

million domains

million events analyzed per day

Google Optimization may not be the fun part of running a business – but try succeeding without it.

Are your competitors outperforming you in winning new clients? If they are ranking higher than you on Google, it’s not surprising.

After all, more people than ever are using Google search to find businesses, and the #1 organic result receives 10x more clicks compared to a page that is far down at spot #10! Moreover, less than 4% of searchers go beyond the first page – so if your pages rank lower then only a few potential customers will be able to find them.

Now is the time for investment: By integrating cutting-edge research tactics and AI-powered optimization processes into your website you can confidently secure top spots on leading search engine pages such as Google; making sure those hard-earned leads make it straight to YOU!

By optimizing websites for Google search engine, we have helped deliver many thousands of leads to many different concepts and companies, including:





“Google optimized landing pages targeted locally in Norway gave massiv results with more than 1000 new registrations for eToro in only 1 month.”



“Today we are ranking #1 for the term “Insurance quote” in Norway. This gives us huge amounts of new customers every month.”


We believe in reverse engineering your competitors strategies on Google, because it’s 100% legal. Take advantage of your rivals success and failures, uncover the most profitable keywords and content, and save time and money for your business.


Andreas Torgersen, CEO of OptiCred.com

Don´t Waste Your Time and Money

We are NOT one of those SEO companies that deliver useless low-cost SEO reports.

We are NOT one of those SEO companies that use illegal (black-hat) techniques that exposes your business to get penalized from Google and plummeting down the search result rankings.

We are NOT web developers that pretends to be SEO specialists, where you wait for results that will never come.

If you want to achieve real SEO results and make your business to obtain continuous progress in the organic search results on Google, then you can trust that we have a solution for YOU.

We operate from Norway in Europe, and we live and breath Search Engine Optimization.


Remove the Guesswork

Through industry-leading AI tools, you’ll take an innovative approach for your businesses to dominate Google’s first page, without taking shortcuts like shoot-from-the-hip guesswork, “magic tricks” of page elements, and “killer” tactics that may bring nothing but disappointment! It’s significantly different from what most consultants do, but it works.

ENTER The OC Methodology, a better approach that uses artificial intelligence and human experience to optimize your website for higher rankings on Google. This systemized process provides detailed analysis, insightful reports, and optimized content to help you rank higher on Google; setting it apart from shoot-from-the-hip guesswork or other gimmicks out there!



Simple Pricing

We strive to be transparent with our clients and offer a selection of easy-to-understand pricing plans that are tailored to fit the specific needs of their business. We provide clear descriptions for each plan and are more than happy to help customers choose the best option that fits their budget.

Competitor Research: One-Time Analysis

Discover the hidden strategies your competitors use for both SEO and Google Ads with our one-time Competitor Analysis service! We’ll deep-dive into their tactics, identify strengths and weaknesses, and help you capitalize on opportunities to surpass them. Our comprehensive analysis covers up to 3 competitors, including keyword and ad copy analysis, backlink analysis, budget and bidding strategy analysis, and on-page optimization audit for SEO. Armed with this insight, you can craft a tailored strategy that elevates your organic search rankings and improves your Google Ads performance. You’ll receive a detailed report with actionable recommendations, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that enhance your online presence and secure your competitive advantage.

Price: $5,000

Competitor Research: Ongoing Analysis

Stay ahead of the competition with our Ongoing Competitor Analysis service, covering both SEO and Google Ads. We continuously monitor your competitors’ strategies, tracking changes in key organic and paid traffic metrics. Our in-depth analysis includes keyword and ad copy adjustments, backlink analysis, budget and bidding strategy updates, and on-page optimization audits. By keeping a close eye on your rivals, you can respond quickly to emerging trends and seize opportunities before they do. Our monthly reports provide actionable recommendations, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and refine your digital marketing strategy. With our Ongoing Competitor Analysis, you’ll maintain a competitive edge, optimizing your organic search rankings and Google Ads performance for long-term success.

Price: Setup cost $5,000, monthly cost $4,000

SEO: AI Edge

For businesses that want to beat their competition in the organic search results on Google with the help of advanced AI and human knowledge, but want to create content and do adjustments themselves to keep costs as low as possible.

With AI Edge, advanced AI tools work to provide you with deep insights and invaluable data about your competitors’ websites that can help you beat them in Google search results. It´s like having your very own QA team on the go. Plus, real-time monitoring of your website provides powerful protective measures against technical SEO, availability, and security issues.

Price: Setup cost $4,000, monthly cost $2,500

Google Ads: AI Impact

For businesses that want to beat their competition in the paid search results on Google with the help of advanced AI and human knowledge.

With AI Impact, advanced AI tools will continuously monitor your  Google Ads accounts for statistically significant patterns, and give valuable insights about your competitor’s strategies. You’ll receive smart recommendations every month that will help you to avoid wasting money on useless clicks and improve your ads performance.

Price: Setup cost $2,500, monthly cost $2,000


For businesses that want to beat their competition in the organic search results on Google with the help of advanced AI and human knowledge, but want our experts to create content and make adjustments for them to save time.

Unlock the potential of custom content creation to achieve higher rankings on Google. Let us take care of the content creation, so you can save time. Request a free tailored proposal based on your business and goals.

Price: On request

Request a Free Audit

Want to stay ahead of the competition? Request a free audit with us and find out which keywords are driving the most leads for your competitors with our industry leading AI tools. Plus, receive a report showcasing potential opportunities!