A Partner Program 

That Delivers Real Value

Designed for High Revenue and Long-Term Profitability

If you want to work in sales, then make sure that you choose an industry with potential. The search engine optimization (SEO) market size is projected to be worth approximately US$80 billion by 2025, making it one of the largest sectors in digital marketing. This growth is being driven by increasing internet penetration, as well as an increased focus on content marketing and customer engagement.

If you work as a partner for OptiCred, you get access to sell custom search engine optimization solutions to financial firms. You will provide businesses with a solution that will increase their rankings and generate more leads and sales.

Why choose this industry

Google is the most important sales channel for many businesses.

Stratospheric growth

The search engine optimization (SEO) market size is projected to experience stratospheric growth over the coming years, as digital marketing continues to become increasingly important for businesses. According to research, it is expected to reach a value of approximately US$80 billion by 2025—more than double its 2020 value.

Google #1

Google dominates the search engine market, having over 92% of all global desktop search engine traffic. As such, they are a major influence when it comes to SEO strategies. Google’s algorithms rely on over 200 factors to optimize its SERPs. Companies that adjust their SEO strategies accordingly can significantly benefit from improved rankings on Google.

Unlimited potential

In a noisy industry with variable prices,  empty promises, magic plugins, online courses, and quick-fix SEO solutions, many companies have not yet invested in Google Optimization. But OptiCred challenges the status quo. This we do by presenting a serious approach to unlock the full potential for businesses – helping them to achieve real results from genuine human traffic with sustainable rankings on Google! Our focus is on Financial Services. This is an industry with unlimited possibilities.

Why work with us

We believe that the most important marketing for us is external agents with high work ethics. Our partner program offers a unique opportunity. This is not an affiliate program but a real partner program, where you will need to apply and be qualified.  We value our agents and all of our agents earn a recurring commission.

Our business idea is based on our belief in delivering quality Google Optimization services for Financial and Legal businesses.

If you want to succeed through hard work, then we would like to hear from you.

How it works

  1. Apply to join our partner program by clicking the button below.

2. If approved, you will receive access to our partner portal.

3. You earn recurring commissions on your contacts – year after year as long as they use us.

The Power of Repeating Commissions – Build up a passive income

If you want to work in sales, then make sure you earn a recurring commission. If not, then you will always need to run and lose the opportunity to build stability. With us, you will earn a 20% commission on your sold subscriptions as long as the customer continues to use us. Build a large base of customers and you will receive a steady flow of passive income.

High-Demand Service

More and more businesses of all sizes are turning to leverage the benefits of investing in Google Optimization.

Huge Revenue Potential

We offer generous margins and incentives for partners along with a monthly reoccurring revenue model.

Sales Support

As a partner, you will get access to sales material, learn about SEO, and access to CRM to help you acquire new customers.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, or apply for partner program

When do I get paid?

When you sign up for our partner program, you will be asked to enter your Paypal email address. You will be paid on the 20th of each subsequent month as long as your balance is over USD 500, –

How is my clients tracked back to me?

You will add your clients in our CRM system when you speak with them. You will then have the ownership of the client and be paid if they place an order. You will receive recurring commission on all upgrades that this contact makes in the future. 

What if I have a contact that does not want to sign up through the website?

There is no problem. Contact us and let us know about the company name, and we will help you with the onboarding process. 

Is there a limit to what I can earn?

No, there is no upper limit to what you can earn. With recurring commissions the amount can quickly accumulate into larger sums.

How can I keep track of my references?

Through our partner program dashboard you can see a “live” overview of all your contact. See how many contacts you have added and how many have converted.

What are the terms

Brief summary of terms:

Your commission is a percentage of lifetime payments made by the customers you referred. You will be paid monthly. The payment requires that you have collected at least USD 500 and that the customer has paid the invoice.

We do not accept the following traffic:

1. Coupon or “cashback” websites.
2. Popunders, clickunders and other automatic redirects.
3. Websites using “OptiCred” in their domain name.
4. Paid PPC adverts.