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Google Ads

Manage Keywords

Take your keyword lists to the next level. Add the most profitable queries, get data-driven suggestions, and create optimized keyword lists that will help you see better results. Make sure you’re making smart decisions about where your ad gets seen.

The most profitable keywords

Discover the best high-performing search terms for your campaign. No more guesswork, get data-driven suggestions that will help you see better results.


Eliminate unprofitable keywords

Make sure the keywords driving your campaigns are relevant to your customers by using OptiCred to spot and eliminate irrelevant search terms. This will help you to avoid wasting money on the wrong keywords.


Adjust bids smarter

Make sure your keyword bids are working in your favor with OptiCred’s data-driven bid adjustments. Invest more when the metrics are good, and trim back when they’re not living up to expectations. Keep an eye on the trends and make sure you’re spending smartly.


Know when to pause keywords

To reduce wasted spend, OptiCred recommends pausing keywords that don’t convert enough searchers. Make sure you’re paying for the keywords that will truly connect with your potential clients.


Eliminate duplicates

To reduce wasted spend, OptiCred recommends pausing duplicate keywords with poorer performance. OptiCred will make sure you’re getting the most out of every dollar.

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