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OptiCred vs Competitors

OptiCred have several advantages over other Google Ads Management tools. The main difference is how we have managed to make use of combinations of different advanced machine learning tool and big data models, to deliver unmatched results in Google search. Below we have summarized some of the key elements that make us stand out:

• Unlike other tools, OptiCred provides a more advanced machine learning model for contextual relevance analysis, to better detect significant patterns for improvement.

• OptiCred leverage the best technology to more thoroughly detect click fraud from competitors and bots. 

• OptiCred offers insights into what competitors do, which keywords that drive them most traffic, so you can take advantage of their experiences.

• OptiCred gives you continuously insight into new ads your competitors are publishing, so you can always can be one step ahead.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

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Features OptiCred OptiCred
Default Optimization
Other Providers
Unbiased Optimization Recommendations
Biased by nature Varies based on provider
Covers both profit optimization and fraud prevention We're the only unbiased solution for both. Limited fraud prevention No
Real-Time blocking ✅ Under 3 seconds Only the anti-fraud providers
Exclude VPN traffic Only the anti-fraud providers
Competitor Insight
Detects new ads your competitors publish
Limited competitor insight Limited competitor insight
Detect if your competitors click on your ads Only the anti-fraud providers
Hands-Off Management We handle everything for you Requires backend management from you

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