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Google Ads

Exclude Bad Traffic

Ensure that your ads are only receiving traffic from trustworthy, high-performing sources. Take measures such as disabling search partner sites and removing low-performing placements or site categories to boost metrics and reduce wasted spend.


Exclude mobile apps

When ads displayed in mobile apps are underperforming, it is a good idea to exclude them from your account. Mobile apps tend to attract accidental clicks and fewer conversions, so this can help reduce wasted spend and improve performance.


Exclude placements

If a placement is performing worse than the average conversion rate, it makes sense to add it to an exclusion list. This will boost performance and protect your brand.


Disable partner sites

For campaigns in which ads are not performing well on Google Search Partner sites, it is best to disable Search Partners. This helps reduce wasted spending and allows for more efficient targeting of your campaigns.


Exclude categories

If your ads are achieving sub-par performance on websites in particular categories, OptiCred will advise you to exclude those site categories. This helps reduce wasted spending.

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