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Google Ads

Competitor Research

Take an inside look at your competitors’ ad strategies. Identify their advantages and shortfalls to maximize the performance of your campaign.

Uncover competitors’ ad strategies and budgets

Keep track of your competitors’ PPC activities, look into their ad expenditures and most profitable content, analyze their Google Ads usage patterns, see instances of their actual advertisements, and uncover desktop and mobile terms they are bidding for.

Analyze competitors’ keywords and ad copy

If a negative keyword conflict with an existing keyword, OptiCred will prompt you to either remove the original or the negative one. This ensures that all your keywords work together harmoniously across your account.

Evaluate the PPC competitors.

Identify your primary PPC competitors, observe desktop and mobile search terms they are offering bids for, and explore keywords and ad text for over 100 nations and more than 20 languages.

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