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Google Ads

Detect Errors

OptiCred scans for potential errors, from typos to keyword conflicts, and offers solutions whenever something arises. You can rest assured that your accounts are being monitored for mistakes that may otherwise go unnoticed by a human.


Fix broken links

OptiCred scans destination landing pages for server errors and invalid URLs. This helps to prevent you from wasting spend on traffic going to erroneously directed pages, and OptiCred will let you know as soon as any issues are detected. Make sure your landing pages maximize the value of incoming traffic.


Fix keyword conflicts

If a negative keyword conflict with an existing keyword, OptiCred will prompt you to either remove the original or the negative one. This ensures that all your keywords work together harmoniously across your account.


Fix issues with negative keywords

OptiCred will scan for negative keywords that are not set up correctly, to make your negative keywords are functioning as intended. For example, is modified broad not a valid negative match type, so you will be alerted about keywords that contain a “+” sign.

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