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Our mission is to supercharge financial industry businesses with Enterprise Features without the Enterprise cost. 


Words From The Founder

Andreas Torgersen

CEO and Founder

Hello, I’m Andreas Torgersen, living in Norway and the founder and CEO of OptiCred.

My journey into the world of business started with my Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance from the respected BI Norwegian Business School. After completing my studies, I ventured into the finance and insurance sectors, taking on a variety of roles. This included a 5-year period as the CEO of Oslo Finans & Forsikring, and 9 years as the CEO of Forsikringsportalen.no, Norway’s first niche insurance portal. Yet, as exciting as these roles were, they came with their own set of challenges. One recurring problem was the struggles with WordPress website operations. Speed, security, and visibility were constant battles. The realization hit hard when I struggled to find hosting providers capable of understanding and addressing my concerns. Common WordPress hosting providers primarily handled server-level security and lacked specialized solutions with a focus on website-level security.  More often than not, I found myself in a solo battle against issues related to cyber threats, and even performance issues related to speed and Google optimization were a constant battle. The realization was clear – small to medium-sized firms were often restricted by mediocre server solutions, preventing optimal website performance, damaging their credibility and business prospects.

Determined to address this gap, I initiated extensive research in 2011, focusing on these industry-specific challenges. The journey was long but rewarding. By 2023, all the insights and experiences culminated in the inception of OptiCred.

OptiCred solves this by a multi-layered approach. Through strategic alliances we’ll give clients access to the world’s most powerful enterprise performance and security CDN features from Cloudflare, which normally are locked down behind expensive and complex enterprise plans. Cloudflare Enterprise security features offers robust perimeter security, while our holistic solution also monitor your website from within, to detect and handle new vulnerabilities with virtual patching before they are made public.

My vision for OptiCred is clear – to enable businesses with WordPress websites, irrespective of their size, to access advanced speed and security features without the exorbitant costs and complexity. While these tools and features remain exclusive to the largest entities in the industry, we bring them to the table for all, offering enterprise-level capabilities without the enterprise-level price tag.

OptiCred is a testament to my commitment to the Financial Services industry. My mission is straightforward: provide a hosting solution, especially tailored for Financial Services, that is fast, secure, and underpinned by state-of-the-art technologies.


OptiCred’s HQ is located in Norway, specifically at Martin Linges Vei 25, Fornebu.

We’re situated within the iconic Terminal Building. This landmark once served as the bustling arrival hall for Oslo’s historic airport. While its walls have witnessed countless memories of travel, today, they echo innovation. The Terminal Building, with its original architecture and vestiges of its airport past, has transformed into a hub for IT innovations. OptiCred’s location here symbolizes our commitment to blending tradition with cutting-edge solutions, staying rooted while pushing forward.

Norway is home to a rich technological ecosystem, marked by innovative solutions and a workforce skilled in digital technologies. OptiCred, being in the heart of this ecosystem, is always at the forefront of adopting the latest technologies to enhance our services.

Why OptiCred?

In the vast expanse of the digital world, security and performance are paramount, especially for the financial services sector. But in a noisy industry with high price tags and a barrage of information, many businesses remain inadequately protected with subpair hosting solutions.

Founded in 2023, OptiCred was born from a vision to provide businesses in the financial services with rapid and secure hosting with true “hands-off” management. We’re driven by innovation, integrity, and a passion to redefine the hosting landscape for businesses.

Our Technology & Alliances

OptiCred’s strength lies not just in our cutting-edge solutions, but also in the strategic alliances that grant us access to elite technologies. Through these alliances, we harness the capabilities of Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, PatchStack, and optimized edge servers. This powerful combination ensures we deliver unparalleled speed, security, and resilience.

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