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Google Ads Optimization

Take the advantage of advanced AI tools to keep a close watch on your Google Ads accounts to detect patterns with statistical significance and receive deep insights about your competitors strategies.

You’ll receive smart recommendations each month that’s easy to follow, so you won’t have to worry about wasting money on clicks with no value or missing out on undiscovered opportunities.

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AI Impact

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Make your Google Ads more profitable. The tool that Google wishes didn’t exist, that will get you more customers through Google for less cost.

AI Impact plan

Get started in minutes – no code changes required.

24/7 Monitoring

AI Impact continuously monitors Google Ads accounts for statistically significant patterns. It provides helpful smart recommendations to boost the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Get smarter insights and make sure each ad reaches its full potential!

Exclude bad traffic

Optimize your ads for better results. Make sure you only get traffic from reliable and high-performing sources, and eliminate low-performing placements, site categories, and search partner sites. Get control over where your ad receives attention.

Manage keywords better

Take your keyword lists to the next level. Add popular queries, get data-driven suggestions, and create optimized lists that will help you see better results. Make sure you’re making smart decisions about where your ad gets seen.

Be aware of keywords that is unprofitable

Maintain the accuracy of your keyword performance by implementing negative keywords as suggested by OptiCred. Keep your focus on keywords that will be meaningful to your customers and ensure you don’t receive traffic from irrelevant search terms.

Know when to adjust bids

Make sure your keyword bids are working in your favor by adjusting them according to OptiCred’s recommendations based on your performance data. Invest more when the metrics are right, and cut back when they’re not up to par. Keep an eye on the trends and make sure you’re spending wisely.

Know when to pause keywords

To optimize your budget and make sure you’re connecting with your audience, pause any keywords that convert too few searchers – as recommended by Opteo. Focus on the keywords that are worth the investment.

Detect errors

Rest assured that your accounts are constantly monitored for any errors a human could miss – from spelling mistakes to keyword conflicts. OptiCred will point out the issue and provide solutions whenever something pops up, leaving you with peace of mind.

Fix broken links

OptiCred will check your destination landing pages to make sure server errors and incorrect URLs don’t get in the way. When something is off, you will be alerted right away to keep your incoming traffic from going to waste. Make sure you take full advantage of all visitors and avoid waisting money!

Fix keyword conflicts

OptiCred will point out any conflicts between a negative keyword and an existing one to make sure all of your account’s keywords work together harmoniously.


Frequently asked questions.

Do I need to commit to a long-term contract?

We do NOT force our clients into yearly contracts, we offer monthly rolling contracts.  We believe in our ability to provide you great results on a monthly basis.

Which payment methods does OptiCred accept?

OptiCred will send the monthly charge by invoice. When the invoice is paid our work will start.


Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, send us a message about which plan you want, and we will move you to your desired plan.


How long does it take to see results?

You will receive smart recommendations after we have monitored your ads for 1 week to find statistically significant patterns.