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Don’t let poor website security, slow loading times and outdated technology damage your credibility, revenue and Google search rankings.

Bypass the complexity and access industry-leading Enterprise Performance and Security Features, which normally are locked down behind expensive and complex enterprise plans.

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Discover how the hosting architecture you get access to  will give your website supreme performance with their unique auto-scale functionality.


Discover how deep integrations with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN and PatchStack provide your website with a holistic approach to protection against cyber threats.

OptiCred is redefining WordPress hosting by addressing the shortcomings of standard solutions:

1. Outdated Technology: Ordinary hosting providers limit key resources and use outdated server tech to cut their cost, resulting in poor website and performance for your website.

2. Server Security vs. Website Responsibility: Hosting providers focus primarily on server-level security, leaving the crucial task of website safeguarding to you.

Consequently, most companies use ineffective security plugins to protect their WordPress site, leaving their website vulnerable against modern cyber threats.

3. Bad SEO: Google’s algorithms are always evolving, raising the bar for what is considered a high-quality website in terms of SEO. Substandard security, speed, and performance will negatively impact your site’s Google search rankings

With 30,000 websites hacked every day, it’s clear that traditional website security measures are insufficient. Especially within the WordPress security ecosystem, the reliance primarily on plugins, touted as ultimate solutions, is a concerning trend.

It’s proved that security plugins and malware scanners that operate as plugins within a compromised WordPress environment are fundamentally undermined. An already compromised environment can not be trusted to analyze itself.

In addition, security plugins are by nature not able to block cyber attacks before they reach your website, leaving you exposed to relentless AI-driven attacks.

Andreas Torgersen, CEO OptiCred