GDPR Compliance

In today’s digital era, data security and privacy are not just buzzwords; they are essential components of a trustworthy and law-abiding business. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has reshaped the way companies across the globe handle data privacy, introducing stringent rules and significant responsibilities for organizations. Failure to comply with the GDPR could result in a fine of up to €20 million or up to 4% of the annual international gross sales, underscoring the regulation’s commitment to enforcing these standards. GDPR’s impact is far-reaching, affecting not only businesses within the European Union but also those dealing with EU citizens’ data worldwide.

NOTE: It is not the web agency or hosting company that is responsible for ensuring that the website is in compliance with GDPR requirements – it is the business that owns the website that is accountable in the event of an inspection or security incidents. Do not be misled by hosting companies claiming they are GDPR compliant. It means they follow the rules, but it does not help your company’s website.


The GDPR regulation require companies to have routines in place to regularly scan their systems for weaknesses and prioritize them. Section 32 of the GDPR “… a process for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of the processing.


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Empower your business with our solution, which provides a multi-layered  approach to website security, where one of the key elements is a robust system for continuous vulnerability scanning of your website with prioritization. This crucial aspect of corporate GDPR compliance not only ensures your domain is consistently protected but also brings peace of mind, knowing that you are safeguarding your customers’ data effectively.

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