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Our hosting offer is entirely build around security. Your website’s security is foremost on our mind. Here’s what goes into it:

With our partnership, you’ll get access to key Cloudflare Enterprise-level security features. These security features, trusted by major corporations and typically priced from $5,000 per month, are included in all our hosting plans at no extra charge.

Yet security is a multi-layered endeavor. That’s why we also integrate with Patchstack, a leader in application-level vulnerability detection for WordPress. Cloudflare’s Enterprise WAF offers robust perimeter security, Patchstack specializes in internal WordPress vulnerabilities—covering you from all angles. Patchstack identifies new threats to WordPress core, plugins, and themes—often 48 hours before they go public. This adds an extra layer of security, allowing for virtual patches and firewall rules to be implemented before threats have a chance to exploit your site. This dual-layered approach ensures that your website is fortified from both external and internal threats, providing comprehensive protection. 

Unlike most other security solutions OptiCred is set and forget, requires no maintenance on your part, and instantly protects your website so you can focus on your core business.

How Cloudflare Enterprise Works

 Facts: Website Security Threats


"Studies show that 60% of all smaller businesses must close within six months of being hacked. Security attacks on businesses can be very damaging and costly."

Websites hacked daily (source: Sophos Labs)

Logins stolen every week (source: Google)


Of all web traffic is malware

Websites blacklisted by Google daily

Cybersecurity - Status Quo 2023

  • Websites are prime targets for cyberattacks due to their accessibility and valuable information. Every day, 30,000 websites are hacked.
  • Whether you’re an enterprise or a small business, automated bots don’t discriminate – everyone is a target.
  • Leading security providers like Cloudflare, lock their premium security features behind expensive and complex enterprise plans.
  • Consequently, most companies use ineffective security plugins to protect their WordPress site, leaving their website vulnerable against modern cyber threats.

  • The Unthinkable Timeline: What Happens When Your Site Gets Hacked
    1. Immediate Impact:
      • You unknowingly spread malware to your clients.
      • Sensitive customer data is stolen.
    2. Short-term Consequences:
      • Site downtime begins.
      • Immediate loss of revenue.
      • Your site is removed from Google’s search results.
    3. Long-term Damage:
      •  Your firm’s credibility is damaged.
      •  Long-term loss of revenue.

DON'T Do This Common Mistakes:

  • Use Outdated Server Technologies: Those may have open backdoors for hackers to exploit.
  • Rely on Security Plugins: In 2023, relying on these for defense against modern cyber threats is merely security theater, not genuine protection.
  • On-Site Firewalls: If installed directly on the website, these can’t block attacks before they reach your platform.

“Many small and medium-sized business mistakenly believe they are not in danger of being hacked. But automated bots don’t care if the site belongs to a small local business owner or a large enterprise.

Bots are deadly effective in reaching out to every corner of the world. An analysis found that it takes about only 30 – 45 days for a new website, with no content or audience, to be identified and added to a bot crawler.

Andreas Torgersen, CEO OptiCred

Why you can rely on Cloudflare’s Enterprise-level Web Application Firewall to protect your website?


30% of Fortune 1000 companies rely on Cloudflare

Blocks 140 billion threats daily on average

300 cities in 100+ countries


Makes your website up to 70% faster

Cloudflare Protects Your Website Against:

OWASP 10 Threats

Bad Bots

DDoS Attacks

Web Scrapers

Zero Day Attacks

Brute Force Attacks

Resource misuse

And much more 

Industry-leading DDoS defense


Cloudflare was named a Leader in the 2021 GigaOm Radar for DDoS Protection


Cloudflare named a 2022 Gartner® Peer Insights™ Customers’ Choice for WAF


Cloudflare recognized a “Leader” in the Forrester Wave: Web Application Firewalls, Q3 2022 report

As we want only the best protection for our clients, establishing strategic alliances that give access to unique Cloudflare Enterprise WAF Features was a clear choice, giving unmatched Enterprise attack protection against DDoS attacks and other malicious traffic.

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