Instant Rescue for Hacked Websites

Website Malware Removal by Experts

Facing a hacked website? Avoid the pitfalls of automatic malware removals with unreliable claims.

Our experts perform manual cleanups with precision, using advanced tools to guarantee complete malware and backdoor removal.

What Makes Us Different:

  • No Upfront Payment
  • No Copy-Paste solution
  • Real Protection Against Reinfections

Committed to combating malware and hacking, we offer our expertise to all businesses, including non-clients.


Take back the control of your website from hackers

Time is Critical

Time is critical when your website has been hacked, as malicious files are complex and tend to spread and get worse over time. Once the website has been hacked, you risk downtime, that your visitors are redirected to scammy websites, blacklisting from Google, damage rankings in search engines and loss of reputation and revenue.

That’s why our response team is always ready when you most need it to clean and repair your website.

“As soon as you give us the ”green light“ we will immediately start to clean and repair your website.

Our chat support is open 24/7/365. The last thing you need when your site is hacked is having to deal with a support being unresponsive and unhelpful. We strive to be the opposite.”

Andreas Torgersen, CEO OptiCred

We Cover Everything

Specializing in WordPress, we excel in repairing and securing WordPress site’s malware attacks. We not only clean the site superficially, but do a complete website repair for a fixed price of USD 1,500.

Our service ensures your WordPress site is fortified against infected files and malicious activities.

Why Firms Trust Us

Our 7 Step Malware Removal Process

Automatic solutions can overlook complex threats. Our approach guarantees a comprehensive and secure cleanup.

1. Connection

We link to your site using your login information for FTP / SSH, so we can identify malware on your site on a deeper level.

If your website has been taken offline, we can clean the website files and database locally.

2. Baseline Scanning

Security specialists immediately runs multiple scripts to understand the architecture of your website.

3. Deep Scan and Backup Files

We deep scan your website to detect all traces of malware. We perform a backup before making any changes. We give you a complete report of everything we find.

4. Quarantine and Malicious File Removal
We quarantine and clean all traces of malware from your sight. The use of advanced research-driven tools keeps us on top of new threats and security issues.
5. Report and Insight
We log every file we touch and give you a complete report of everything we find.
6. Review Request to Search Engines

When your site is clean, we send requests to search engines and antivirus programs to remove warnings.

7. Protection

We don´t just fix the site, but we keep it from being hacked again. We’re experts in how to apply hardening techniques and strategies to prevent future malware attacks.

Our experience tells us that once your website has been hacked you are much more likely to be hacked again, as the site will be “tagged” by bots that will remember your site as an easy target.

After your website is restored to a healthy state, you will get an optional offer to protect your website on the platform of OptiCred, which will give your website Enterprise-level performance and security that includes continuous surveillance and protective measures to safeguard your online presence.

Complete cleanup

We safely remove all malicious coding in the file systems and databases of the website. Skilled people make sure all malware and backdoors are completely removed from your site.


We have a library of automated malware removal and research-driven tools to keep us on top of new threats, malware viruses and security issues.

Removal of SEO spam

We clean up spam of keywords and links that are infected on your website to ensure that the website is displayed correctly in the search engines.

Removal of security alerts

Search engines and antivirus programs mark hacked websites with a warning. We are requesting on your behalf to have it removed.

Words from the CEO of OptiCred


Warning: Risks in Website Hack Recovery

  • Be cautious of firms offering unrealistically cheap cleanups.
  • Avoid free online malware checkers, that tend to give false results and register your site to scam databases.
  • Be cautious of firms that promote their service by showing thousands of testimonials from victims. Real victims of hacking want to be anonymous.

Consequences of Inadequate Cleanup

  • Hidden backdoors leading to reinfection.
  • Google penalties and security warnings.
  • Risk of being flagged as a repeat malware offender.

Our Approach

  • Comprehensive, accurate server and application scanning.
  • Avoidance of automated plugin solutions.
  • Expert-driven, manual malware cleanup.

Read on if you want to get into the details of the insight I want to share: 

If your website is hacked you need to be aware that not all security firms you find on Google are looking for your best interest.

Be aware of websites that offer unrealistic cheap cleanups for only a couple of hundred dollars. Most of the time we see that they don’t perform a proper cleanup, leaving your website with hidden backdoors for reinfection that can lead to Google penalties that display warnings for your visitors, long-term revenue loss, and damaged credibility.

Most offer free clean-ups in case of reinfections, but you face the bad consequences anyway because if there is even a single trace of malware on your site, Google will reject your review application, and you might be flagged as a repeat offender. Sites considered repeat malware offenders by Google won’t be able to contest security warnings shown in Chrome for 30 days.

We also recommend avoiding free website malware checkers as they tend to give false results and register your site to scam databases.

Hosting companies often rely too heavily on automated scanning tools, as they are not cyber security specialists. These often tend to only clean the visible parts of the hack, leaving hidden malware and backdoors.

It’s proved that security plugins and malware scanners that operate as plugins within a compromised WordPress environment are fundamentally undermined. An already compromised environment can not be trusted to analyze itself. That’s why we strongly recommend to stay away from automated plugin solutions.

Our holistic approach to malware cleanup will analyze your site with deep server and application scanning, that gives accurate and reliable results. Then a security specialist will perform a manual cleanup, to ensure all malware is completely removed from your website.

Andreas Torgersen

CEO, OptiCred

How to Verify if You’re Hacked?

Malware that infects websites by redirecting users to other sites is one of the malware types that affects most websites. This type of malware is designed to be difficult to detect by having smart triggers that enable the redirect only a few times per user and sometimes from only certain types of browsers and devices. This often extends the discovery time for websites without routines in place to regularly scan for malware.

Typical signs that the site is infected with malware:

    • Content has been littered with SEO spam
      • Google or browsers show alert you that your site is compromised.
        • The website is redirecting your visitors to inappropriate or insecure websites.
          • Loss of content
            • Serving unauthorized ads
              • Your host has suspended your site
                • Suddenly slow loading time
                  • Suddenly removed from Google’s search

                  Utilizing a sophisticated website malware scanner that scans and analyze our website at a deep level, we provide prompt malware detection and response times, ensuring your website security is robust and responsive.

                  Website Hacking Isn’t A Mystery

                  Hacking doesn’t happen using some sort of magic. It’s done with malicious intent and purpose. Without protection all kind of malicious traffic will be able to reach your site.

                  Here are the 4 common ways hackers use to gain control of your website:

                  • Bots and automated scrips that repeatedly try to guess for the correct usernames and passwords.
                  • Automated bots that scans your website for new vulnerabilities and outdated software.
                  • By phishing and malware insertion on your computer to fetch the credientials of your website.
                  • Malware in a hacked website that is programmed to reinfect other websites with the same shared-server. Note: It’s better to avoid cheap hosting providers as you’ll get what you’ve paid for.

                  Avoid Being Hacked Again

                  Take the necessary precautions against reinfection

                  Our experience shows that a previously hacked website is at higher risk of future attacks. This is often because bots ‘tag’ such sites as easy targets, making them more vulnerable to repeated breaches. Being proactive about your site’s security is crucial to prevent this cycle.

                  Our platform uses an advanced multi-layer approach against modern cyber threats. Our first layer of defense is Cloudflare’s industry-leading enterprise-grade Web Application Firewall (WAF) that blocks cyber threats before they even reach your website. It efficiently provides a first line of defense to block malicious traffic and protect website owners from advanced cyber threats. In addition to Cloudflare’s robust perimeter security, we use advanced technology to monitor and protect your website from within, offering virtual patching of vulnerabilities 48 hours before they go public, comprehensive website hardening techniques, and continuous malware scanning. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of your WordPress site.

                  Common Questions

                  What makes OptiCred different from other website malware removal services?

                  OptiCred stands out due to our hands-on, expert approach to malware removal. Unlike services that rely on automated processes, we perform meticulous manual cleanups, ensuring thorough removal of malware and backdoors. Our no upfront payment policy and double money-back guarantee if reinfected demonstrate our confidence and commitment to delivering secure, reliable results.


                  Why is manual malware removal more effective than automated solutions?

                  Automated solutions often miss complex threats, leading to incomplete cleanups. Our manual approach, executed by skilled cybersecurity experts, ensures a comprehensive examination and removal of all malware, including deeply embedded threats. This meticulous process guarantees a higher level of security and reliability for your website.

                  Why are WordPress sites often targeted by hackers, and how does OptiCred specialize in WordPress Cyber Security?

                  WordPress, being the most popular content management system globally, is a frequent target for hackers due to its widespread use and the potential vulnerabilities in plugins and themes. Its popularity makes it a lucrative target for widespread attacks. At OptiCred, we specialize in WordPress Cyber Security, deeply understanding its architecture and common vulnerabilities. Our team stays updated with the latest security trends and threats in the WordPress ecosystem, enabling us to implement the most effective defenses and ensure your WordPress site is robustly secured against all types of cyber threats.

                  How experienced is OptiCred in WordPress Cyber Security?

                  At OptiCred, we specialize in WordPress Cyber Security. Our team consists of professionals security engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in securing WordPress sites against all forms of cyber threats. From common vulnerabilities to sophisticated attacks, our expertise ensures your WordPress site is fortified and resilient.

                  How quickly can OptiCred respond to a malware emergency?

                  Time is critical in malware emergencies. OptiCred offers rapid response times, with our security expert team ready to start the cleanup process immediately after your request. Our 24/7/365 chat support ensures that you get the help you need right when you need it, minimizing downtime and reducing the risk of further damage to your website.

                  “As soon as you give us the “green light” we will immediately start to clean and repair your website. Our chat support is open 24/7/365. The last thing you need when your site is hacked is having to deal with a support being unresponsive and unhelpful. We strive to be the opposite.”

                  Andreas Torgersen, CEO OptiCred