Proactive Website Security

Go Beyond Traditional Penetration Testing

Leverage the latest technology in vulnerability detection, and quickly identify and address the vulnerabilities and security gaps that expose your web applications at risk of attack. Enjoy more peace of mind – without investing more of your limited time.

Get continuous, real-time protection with our automated solution—because while you’re waiting for your next manual penetration test, attackers won’t.

Why Choose Us

Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizing the latest in automated vulnerability detection, we ensure your web applications are safeguarded against even the newest threats.

Latest Threats: Take advantage of a platform specialized in detecting and patching WordPress vulnerabilities and threats.

Virtual Patching: Prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited on your website.

Know Your Weak Spots: Prioritize and Fix What Matters

If you’re unaware of your vulnerabilities, you can’t secure them.

We help you with the latest technology to automatically detect and protect  your WordPress website from the newest  vulnerabilities.  True “Set and Forget” solution that handles vulnerabilities automatically.

Why We Stand Out


  • Proactive: Benefit from a solution that proactively detects and counters security vulnerabilities with automatic vPatches. This approach prevents malware infections before they can occur, unlike common malware scanners that act only after a compromise, eliminating the need for extensive cleanup.

Key Features


  • 24/7 Real- Time Monitoring: Enjoy peace of mind with our advanced solution that continuously monitors the WordPress ecosystem, detecting vulnerabilities in real time to safeguard your website against malware infections.
  • Auto-mitigation: Your website benefits from advanced third-party services that implement precision-targeted protection rules (vPatches) for high and medium priority vulnerabilities, ensuring robust security without affecting your code or site performance.

  • Set and Forget: Experience hassle-free security with precision-targeted protection rules (vPatches) that handle all high and medium priority vulnerabilities for you, ensuring robust security without any changes to your code or affecting site performance.

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